Determined to Engage

When Naomi saw that Ruth was determined to go with her, she said nothing more.”Ruth 1:18 (NLT) 

What are you determined to do?

In the book of Ruth, we find a woman (Naomi) who has lost her husband and sons. She knew that the wives of her sons were young and had time to find new husbands, build families, and create a new life better than they would have if they stayed around just to take care of Naomi. One of the daughters left to start a new life, but Ruth was determined not to do this.

Ruth’s determination to do the right thing was blessed by God, but it wasn’t easy. There was a long relocation back to Naomi’s homeland and there were many things Ruth thought she was giving up to do the right thing.

During the last weeks of the year the holiday season will give us lots of opportunities to connect people to Christ. Some are family members we rarely see; others are friends and co-workers that we see all the time. It is not the opportunities that will be lacking, but quite possibly our determination to engage with them. To engage may not be easy, but the results could be life changing.

Talk to God about this. Ask Him to place people on your heart that you will be determined to engage with and point to Christ in the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

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