Turn Up the Heat

Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the Lord tests the heart.”Proverbs 17:3 (NLT)

Fire is an important element for transforming a gold nugget into a beautiful piece of jewelry. The heat of the fire liquefies the gold and allows there to be a separation between the gold and any impurities that might be a part of the nugget. The liquefied and refined gold is then poured into a mold that allows the misshapen nugget to be cast into the shape of a ring or other desired form.

If you are serious about becoming Christ-centered, what the Lord must do is much like what happens to the gold nugget. God may allow your circumstances to change, and the heat may get turned up in your life. God doesn’t do this because He hates you; in fact the opposite is true. When the heat gets turned up on our lives, it tests our heart and character for what it really is. As impurities in our heart and character are revealed, we can confess them to the Lord and He will remove them. This is how our hearts change and become more Christ-centered.

Most of us don’t like it when the heat is turned up on us, and we surely don’t like change… yet we want to be Christ-centered. Understanding why the heat must come and the changes that need to come can help us to embrace tough times rather than run from them or fight them.

Talk to the Lord today about ways He is or might need to be turning up the heat so that you can begin the change process. Let Him know you are willing to embrace the heat, confess the impurities, and allow Him to pour the refined you into the image of Christ.

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