Your Authority

“So place yourselves under God’s authority. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you.”James 4:7 (GW)

Through my hometown flows the Guadalupe River. As a child the river provided me many opportunities for fishing, skiing, and swimming. The love of these kinds of opportunities and the beauty of the river has caused some folks to want to place their homes in close proximity it. Though most days the river gives beauty and enjoyment, there are times that the river is pushed outside its banks and can bring destruction and even tragedy. Many of those who have placed their homes near the river know the experience of cleaning mud and river water out of their homes.

The consequences of where you place your house are important to think about, and so is where you are placing yourself under authority, spiritually speaking. “Authority” in simple terms is who you primarily choose to listen to and live for. For most people, they are their own authority… what “I” think is most important and “I” am living for me! For others, it is important to primarily live for and please their spouse, children, or boss. Today’s passage of scripture urges us to place ourselves under God’s authority… desiring to know what God thinks is important and choosing to live for God! 

Everyone has their “authority” and every “authority” has a price to pay and consequences. Whoever is your “authority” will affect every relationship and choice you have, and ultimately will follow you into eternity. Compare the power, knowledge, wisdom, and goodness of God to your own… does it make sense to be your own authority? Compare God and what He can do to what your spouse, your kids or your boss can do… who can compare? 

The great part about choosing God as your authority is that He will lead us and empower us to not only please Him, but He will also lead you and empower you to be the best spouse, parent, worker, and YOU that is possible. Who is your “authority” for life? If it is anyone or anything other than God, it’s time to make a move.

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