What Kind of Friend Are You?

“Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.”Proverbs 27:6 (NLT) 

Friends are people we choose to do life with. There are friends that we have met through work, through the town we grew up in, or through other places that God has allowed us to be. Initially, we choose to become friends with folks in whom we sense some common bonds. The more bonds we discover, the greater the friendship grows.

In every friendship, there comes moments when despite the common bonds we sense that our friend is going down a wrong path. It may be a little thing that would cause them a momentary trouble, or it could be a path that if followed out to its end would lead to big time, life changing trouble. True friends are willing to leverage the common bonds that they have built with others and use them to try and save their friends from trouble.

Two questions to ponder today. First, are you the kind of friend who will speak the truth to someone who is heading for trouble? Second, do you allow your friends to speak the truth about trouble to you when you are the one who is heading down a wrong path?

If you need some friends that will speak truth to you, church is a great place to find them. While not everyone who attends church is pursuing a biblical lifestyle 24/7, most people there are working on it just like you. Becoming friends with others who are working on it is one of the best bonds you can have with a friend. As you learn what God wants of you with others through Bible study, your friends can help you and you can help your friends be all that you can be in Christ Jesus. And those friendships last forever.

Talk to God today about the kind of friend you are and the kind of friends you have. If you need to add some friends who will challenge you toward being more like Jesus, make some commitments about getting more involved in church where friends like that are more likely to be. 

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