Choosing Your Path

“Who are those who fear the LORD? He will show them the path they should choose.”Psalms 25:12 (NLT)

Each day is filled with the opportunity to make lots of choices. Every choice has consequences, so it is imperative that we choose according to God’s will for our lives so that those consequences will have a positive effect on us and on the lives of others.

Today’s scripture is a promise from God that He will always show you the choices you need to make. Here are some things to remember about discovering God’s will:

  1. Take time to ask God to reveal His will. Some folks “have not because they ask not.”
  2. God’s time table for answering is usually very different from our time table. Trust Him to let you know at just the right time.
  3. If you take time to ask God to show you his will, keep your eyes, ears and heart open to his revelation. As you read the Bible, look for an answer from God. As you visit with other believers, listen to them with an open mind and heart. God may have a word for you from someone or a book of the Bible that you least expect.
  4. When God points you to his will, choose to do it then. Waiting to act is disobedience and it slows down your reaping the benefits of a right choice.

Talk to God about these things. Is there a choice you have been putting off what you know is God’s will? God will be faithful to show you the path if you are just faithful to ask Him and listen to him.

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