Confrontation and Correction

On the way to Egypt, at a place where Moses and his family had stopped for the night, the LORD confronted him and was about to kill him.”Exodus 4:24 (NLT)

Today’s passage is an interesting one in the life of Moses.

Moses had been told by God that he would be used to deliver God’s people from their slavery in Egypt. Moses had just begun the long journey to Egypt when we read today’s passage of scripture. They stopped for the night, and the Bible says God confronted Moses about something. What was it?

Circumcision was a covenant relationship between God and his people, going back to the time of Abraham. It was a symbolic recommitment to God for each generation to remember that they were not their own, but were God’s people and that He was their God. The circumcision was a time of worship and was to take place when the boy was eight days old. Moses skipped this important time of worship and dedication of his sons, and God confronted him about it. God was serious about this, so much that God was ready to kill Moses unless he got this important thing taken care of.

The thought for today is NOT that if you don’t do everything God wants He will kill you. If that were true there would be no human life on planet earth. But what we can learn from today’s passage is God knows when we are blowing him off and skipping over things that He has asked us to do. While it might not always make sense, God has a purpose in what He asks us to do and not to do…

  • Gathering together with other believers each Sunday for Worship renews your heart for God…
  • Getting victory over sexual and lustful thoughts leads to stronger marriage relationships and stronger families…
  • Getting victory over anger leads to becoming an approachable person who has greater opportunity to encourage others…
  • Giving a tenth of your money back to God gives you a greater heart for God’s work and a greater desire to pray for and serve Him through the body of Christ…

What about you? What are the areas where God has been confronting you about getting something corrected that you have been putting off? While God may not kill you for it, you can be sure that it is killing your spiritual growth and killing the potential of what God can do through your relationships with others. Don’t start the correction by saying, “OK God, I am going to fix this.” Start by confessing to God that what you have been doing is sin, and that you desperately want His help and power to get things right. God will begin to work and your job is to be obedient and sensitive to His corrective leadership.

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