Who’s the Boss of You?

Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life.” 1 Peter 3:15a (NLT)

 All of us have systems of leadership that we have placed ourselves under in some form or fashion. We live under systems of government that have laws and rules for everything from taxes we must pay to when we can and cannot water our lawns. We work for employers who have rules and expectations for what time to be at work, what constitutes productivity, and what clothes you can or cannot wear. We engage in recreational games with rules for who is declared winner and what you can or cannot do in the course of playing the game.

The truth is that in the midst of all these systems of leadership, most people are most interested in themselves. In an effort to make ourselves comfortable, profitable, and entertained we will bend, break and manipulate laws, rules and expectations. Though we want the citizenship, paycheck, or trophy… deep down inside of us there is something that cries out, “Nobody is going to be the complete boss of me!”

Today’s passage lets us know that this way of thinking will not work when it comes to our relationship with Jesus Christ. When we understand and submit to Jesus being the Lord of our lives, this means He is the boss over every aspect of our lives. It means Jesus knows and we know that unless His agenda is taken on in our lives, our lives will be incomplete and unfulfilled. When we are embracing and pursuing the Lordship of Jesus, He is free to lead us to incredible things. While Jesus came to give us eternal life, He also came to give us life abundant as we live out His purposes in this world.

In this devotional moment, are you worshipping Christ as Lord of your life? When is the last time you told the Lord you want Him to be the boss of every part of you… every action, every word, every attitude, every decision? This Sunday, as you go to church, will you go with a desire for the Lord Jesus to lead you to a next step, or will you go out of duty and ritual? Talk to the Lord about ways your agenda has taken over His, and submit to His Lordship in these areas.

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