The Primary Objective

“We must not just please ourselves. We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.”Romans 15:1b-2 (NLT)

What is the primary objective of the church? Though it could be stated in many different ways, in a nutshell, the primary objective of the church is to accomplish the will of God. We know that generally speaking that means we will worship, fellowship, disciple, minster, and tell others about Jesus.

Unfortunately, many of us act like the primary objective of the church is to accomplish our own personal will. We each have ideas about the who, what, when, where and why of things going on at church, and when what is going on fails to match up to our ideas it is not uncommon for us to quit coming, quit giving and quit serving in the body of Christ. 

What if you woke up next Sunday morning and there was a note on your pillow from God. In that note he told you that this coming Sunday there would be a special and specific way He was going to use you to bless the life of someone at church today. Since you didn’t know the details of what was going to happen, you would probably be very in tune with God and very in tune with people. You would not want to miss whatever it was God wanted to do through you. You would be much more in tune with God and others and much less worried about yourself.

That is the attitude we ought to carry every Sunday with us to church.

Ask God to help you identify ways you are more interested in pleasing yourself at church, than you are pleasing Him and helping or building up others. As He does, ask Him to forgive you for making church about you and to empower you to make your main objective each Sunday to please Him and serve others.

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