One Step at a Time

“Wise words bring many benefits, and hard work brings rewards.”Proverbs 12:14 (NLT)

If you have ever had a problem that really was getting the best of you in some way, you probably were desperate enough to go ask someone for help. Many times when we ask for help, we are hoping that the person can tell us the one “magical” thing to do that will solve our problem completely. Unfortunately that rarely happens. Usually, a good friend or counselor will help us see the big picture and then will help us see the several steps that it takes to solve the problem if we are willing to work at it. The bigger the problem, the longer and harder the work is usually.

Work brings rewards whenever we are willing to do it. Whether it is school work, working on a relationship, or the job we may have, working hard at it will have some great payoffs. We can get discouraged with work when we only focus on one part of the payoff and we don’t see progress in that area. For example, we might work hard at our job and are discouraged because we didn’t get a raise or the raise in wages we were hoping for. But we might fail to see the rewards that have come in other areas such as the greater appreciation that our co-workers have for us and the increasing competencies we have for performing our jobs now.

Joseph, from the Old Testament, found that hard work brings rewards. His resume was a mess:

  • began as slave
  •  worked up to #1 position in Potiphar’s household
  •  fired and imprisoned
  •  worked up to #1 position in prison
  •  became #2 in power over all Egypt

Joseph didn’t know where he would end up, but he did now that if he was a hard worker and honored God wherever he was, God would take care of the rest.

How about you? How’s your attitude about the work you are having to do at school, at a job, or on a relationship? Are you working hard, or are you living for the moment and pouting about what you don’t have? Talk to God and thank Him for wherever you are today. Ask Him to help you work hard and trust that He has an amazing plan for your future and amazing ways that He may want to pull it off.

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