Cultivating a lifestyle of worship

Worship is more…

… more than attending church on Sunday

… more than singing along to Christian radio

… more than a one-time camp or conference mountain-top experience

Worship is meant to be more than an event on our calendar. It is meant to be a priority rather than a result of convenience and comfort. And it is meant to go far deeper than getting goosebumps during your favorite song.

A lifestyle

Worship is meant to be a lifestyle, through which we actively and intentionally engage with the Heavenly Father every single day.

There are many different things we can do to cultivate that lifestyle, including:

  • attending corporate worship gatherings (worship services) every weekend
  • attending smaller subset worship gatherings (usually with people in a similar life stage)
  • setting aside daily personal prayer time
  • setting aside daily time spent in God’s Word

How to use this blog

This daily devotional blog was created to be a resource for you in that fourth area. Whether you choose to spend time with God at home or on-the-go, before the sun comes up, during a break in your day, or after everyone has gone to bed, we encourage you to use this resource to draw closer to the Father.

Each devotional is designed to provide Scripture and a devotional thought to help you engage in God’s Word. Each devotional will also have a prayer prompt or encourage a next step as you live out the truths you read.

If you don’t currently have a regular personal Bible study or quiet time, let this blog be a resource to help you get started. If you already have a daily time set aside to be in God’s Word, consider adding this devotional blog to that time, and share it with someone who might be looking for a resource just like this.

New devotionals will be posted daily (Monday-Friday) at 5:00am beginning Monday, August 12, but you can access them anytime by coming back to this site each day or sign up to have the daily devotionals delivered to your email inbox. Sign up at the bottom of the home page.

If you have any questions about how to cultivate a lifestyle of worship in your own life, feel free to reach out to us at

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